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Mobile-Tuner 7

keep your instruments in tune with your Windows Phone!

Mobile-Tuner is a musical instrument tuner for Windows Phone. In addition Mobile-Tuner has a built in metronome and a keyboard:

  • Keep your instruments in tune with Mobile-Tuner. Mobile-Tuner is used for tuning wind, keyboard and string instruments. The tuner screen displays the note, the frequency and deviations in pitch. Furthermore, the captured sound is displayed graphically. The tuner detects notes in the range from A0 to A8.
  • Use the slider to adjust the sensitivity of the tuner. If the deviation is <5 cents, a tuning wheel shows the remaining deviation by direction and speed.
  • Mobile-Tuner has many options. Of course you can change the frequency of the reference tone A4 and choose between various forms of notation (Helmholtz, index, scientific, Solfeggio). The default mode of Mobile-Tuner is chromatic, but you can also assign a special instrument mode. If you play a transposing instrument, Mobile-Tuner can transpose the displayed notes for you.
  • Today instruments are normaly tuned equally, ie all half-tones have a uniform distance of 100 cents. In addition to this modern temperament there are numerous alternate temperaments, that were used in the past or are still used today for authentic performances of early music. Mobile-Tuner normally uses the modern 12 tone equal temperament, but you can also choose one of the built in historic temperaments.
  • You have the option to calibrate your phone. To do this determine the deviation from a calibrated electronic 440Hz tone and enter it in the settings of Mobile-Tuner. The default settings have a deviation of <1 cent at 440Hz.
  • The metronome can be set over a range from 40 to 208 beats per minute. In addition, you can choose the number of beats per bar (1-12). If desired, you can switch off the sound and, for example, keep only the vibration set.
  • The keyboard simulates a piano. By tapping the piano keys up to 4 notes can be played simultaneously. Additionally you can play various synthetic sounds. The piano covers a range of C4 to B5, the synthetic sounds range from A0 to C8. For the lower notes you need a headset or external speakers.
  • Mobile-Tuner uses the accent color and the theme, that you have selected on your phone. The app can be used in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Mobile-Tuner supports the following languages: DE, EN, PL, FR und NL. The language must be supported by your phone and be selected as display language.

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Mobile-Tuner for java enabled mobile phones is discontinued. Further informations on Mobile-Tuner 1.2 you find here .